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We are not going to the moon because it is easy but because it is hard.

We are an independent consultancy focussed on solving problems at the intersection of machine learning, real-time architecture, user experience and systems design.

Our Values

You can pretend to be serious; but you can't pretend to be witty.

We share a commitment to excellence and a strong belief that application beats research, thus whatever works is more valuable then theoretical results.

Efficiency in communication yields more success than process and ceremony. We love to work with people that share our appreciation for integrity, energy, and intelligence. We believe all mastery is humble and expertise is a result of merit, not credentials.

We love doing exciting things with boring tools more than the other way around. We like to tackle the hard challenges first. Time is the most precious resource, and perfectionism the enemy of progress.

Our Compentence

Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.

Solving hard problems in a multitude of disciplines is our bread and butter. We pride ourselves on being highly adaptable, constantly learning, and comfortable with impossible deadlines. Find some topics below that we find particularly interesting and have extensive experience in.

Realtime Video and Temporal Data Analytics

Realtime analysis of video or similar bandwidth-heavy datasets is no trivial task. We developed and deployed a scalable infrastructure to analyze events and semantic information from terabytes of data per day with unmatched accuracy with a sub-minute latency. The solution is designed by our end to end from the tooling required for collaborative semantic annotation, to a scalable cloud solution on Apache Beam, GPU accelerated Kubernetes Clusters, to the multi-region data warehouse and post-processing services.

Advanced Machine Learning and AI Development

In the recent Renaissance of machine learning, everything is AI. We did it before it was cool and know how to put research into robust production systems. The most important resource when it comes to deploying advanced machine learning infrastructure is not the engineering time or compute resource that you have at your disposal but the quality of your data. This is why we chose to build bespoke tooling for data collection, preprocessing, and massaging rather than relying on commercially available solutions. We have experience in edge deployments on NVIDIA Jetson and Google Coral platforms as well as deploying clustered infrastructure to GCP and AWS.

Business Intelligence

While data collection and storage has exploded in the last decade, it can be a challenge to integrate and make sense of large datasets. We are employing a mix of industry standard BI tools and our proprietary workflows to ensure that data is not only collected but also intelligible.

Technology Appraisal and Due Diligence

To appraise technology can be as difficult as putting a price tag on art. We are seasoned judges of the viability and moats of proprietary IP, technology stacks and engineering cultures. With a specialty in machine learning, culture, and infrastructure we provide consulting for investment decisions, acquisitions, or internal risk assessments.

Our Home in Berlin

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

Where you work is not just a circumstance of your daily routine. We feel it can fundamentally shape the outcomes of your efforts. As a result, our office is a wonderful place full of light and culture in the heart of Berlin. Please come by for a cup of coffee at the bar if you are strolling around in the area.

This amazing bar made by the great team of Ertl&Zull

Front office as Gallery Space. Here featuring an exhibition by Götz Schramm

That amazing bar from a different perspective.

Great architecture throught by Kollhoff Architekten

We are regularly hosting events, exhibitions and talks to foster interdisciplinary exchange. to host your event with us please drop us a message with a short description of what you have in mind.

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Our Clients

All truth derives from effort.

A selection of companies we had the privilege of working with. Please get in touch to receive a portfolio and detailed case studies.

Our Services

If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter.

Tell us about your problem! We are always happy to hear what bothers you the most. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of our work, we are usually looking for engagements of at least three months.


We share our expertise and experience in oral and written form. We formulate critique and evaluate things. We speak in front of audiences, teach the state of the art and break down complex problems into easy concepts.


We design products and system architecture. Translate AI research into cloud deployments. Conceptualize BI and data warehousing solutions. Review your team and technology. Create roadmaps and perform competitive analysis. Advice on vendor and solution deployment. Help you to decide whether to make or buy.


With our own hands and a little help from our friends, we are able to turn ambitious plans into tangible, working software and products. This is the part we enjoy doing the most.

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